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The 2017 Trail Summit is On-Line!

The 2017 Philadelphia Western Suburbs Trail Summit on February 25 was well attended and highly informative. Held at the Community Center building at Haverford Reserve, this 5th annual summit presented a packed schedule of regional overviews and detailed local reports from a good number of municipalities in Delaware County, plus Lower Merion. It was hosted by Haverford Township's Department of Parks and Recreation, working together with the Friends of Haverford Trails.

Through the cooperation of the township and our presenters, you can watch a video of the entire 2017 summit and view the slide sets used by the various presenters. Click here for links to the agenda, video and presentation materials.

Upper Darby Trail Day 2016
A few of the dozens of participants in the first Upper Darby Trail Day hike upstream along Darby Creek

The Friends of Upper Darby Trails are pleased to present information on trails in Upper Darby township in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, as well as general cycling and walking information. You can show your support for improved bicycling and walking provisions in Upper Darby and Drexel Hill, and stay in touch with news, activities and more, by following us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/UpperDarbyTrails.

Trails in Upper Darby

U.D. Trails Image There are some existing trails, paths and walkable parklands in Upper Darby that you can enjoy, plus others in surrounding municipalities. You can walk along wooded Darby Creek, for example, or enjoy Naylors Run Park. For more details click here.

Bicycling in Upper Darby

Bike-Friendly Roads "Bicycle-friendly" roads and off-road trails in Upper Darby and surrounding communities are now identified right in Google Maps. For better, more enjoyable cycling conditions, it's best to stop thinking like an automobile user and take advantage of "the road(s) less traveled." Learn more here.

Plans and Studies

Plans Image Beyond the present facilities for walking and cycling that exist now, various plans and studies are in place to guide or lead to further development. For more details on some of these, click here.

The Circuit Trails

Circuit Logo Greater Philadelphia is the proud home of the Circuit, a vast regional trail network, composed of hundreds of miles of interconnected trails, that is growing in size each year. One of America’s largest trail networks, the Circuit is currently composed of more than 300 miles of completed trails with a vision of completing 750 miles of trails across the nine-county region in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Nearly 65 nonprofit organizations, foundations and agencies are working to advance the completion of the Circuit Trails. A premiere regional amenity, the Circuit Trails connect people to jobs, communities, parks and waterways. Learn more at www.circuittrails.org.

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